Top Bingo Sites Rating 2019

The game of Bingo was invented from Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia, sixteenth century in Italy. From there the game traveled to France where the game became quite popular amongst the people of elite class. This game of lotto is separated into three horizontal lines and nine vertical columns. For every row there are five numbered and four blank squares arranged in a random manner. The columns have the numbers from one to ten and it goes to a maximum of ninety.

Bingo is a casino game for everybody. With online Bingo offering chat you can always talk to players across the world and share your experience and get to learn more of winning tricks too. Once you know the Bingo rules and strategies, you are ready to go ahead and enjoy the exciting game of Bingo.

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Online Bingo Variants

Cover All – From the other types of online Bingo ‘Cover All’ is considered to be the simplest one to play. For this variant, all you need to do is to become the first player to have all the numbers on your cards marked. It has an attractive jackpot which is much higher as compared to other games, but there is a condition that a player has to get all the numbers marked prior to 41st number gets drawn.

Regular – a player can win a Regular Bingo by making a horizontal, then vertical and in the end to have every single number in the diagonal row. There are equal probabilities of any of the three directions to fetch the jackpot. The amount for the jackpot is not too high as there are so many ways of winning.

Four Corners – large number of online Bingo tickets are selected during the game of Four Corners because of a simple reason, that only four numbers are used for counting in your cards i.e. B1, B5, 01 and 05.

Winner’s Circle – In this variant only the numbers present in B and O and the numbers in the first and last number of the rows I, N and G are included.

Cross – The numbers that really matter in this variant are those falling in a row N and those in B3, I3, G3, and O3 (they end up making a cross).

Rules for online Bingo

Before you start playing the game you need to buy the Bingo cards. Even if you end up buying number of cards, the software will help you in keeping a record of the numbers that have been called. The caller in the game selects the numbers in a random manner and not every time these numbers get shown. You have to be alert enough to evaluate your Bingo cards to check out if you have the numbers which have been called off. Before any other player does it you have to cover these numbers for making a preset blueprint.

Winning at Bingo games

  • When you play with additional cards the chances for winning increases. Three things to be kept in mind for choosing the number of cards are the number of players playing, the worth of every card and the amount that is at bet. Experts believe that it is always better to play with maximum number of cards, but the number of players and prize money should be kept in mind too;
  • When playing with more than one card then make it sure that the numbers are not same on other cards, because if the numbers is same on other cards then there are chances that the card won’t show up. Spread the numbers which will help you to stay in the game for longer hours;
  • When playing with less number of players the prize money is low, but then the chances of ending up as winner also increases. The best option is not to get signed in during the peak hours when there are large numbers of players playing;
  • Playing games with bigger jackpot may mean large number of opponents, but it also means huge amount of winning money to be won, at the end;
  • Try to play the chat room game, as these games can be played along with the normal games and they offer some of the best money in the industry.