Online Roulette Rules, History and Tips

Roulette History

The origin of the game of Roulette goes back to the eighteenth century in France. The word Roulette means ‘little wheel’ and is believed to be invented by Mr. Pascal, a mathematician. The excitement of game grew among people and it looked as if it’s never going to end. It was in the year 1842, the first version of the game, ‘0’ Roulette, was developed by two men from France, Mr. Francois and Mr. Blanc. But the game did not turnout out to be quite successful as gambling was not legal in France, during that time. It is said that the game then traveled to Germany.

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Types of Roulette

European Roulette- In the game of European Roulette you have to visualize where the ball will land on a Roulette wheel, which has numbers from zero to thirty seven. Also known as French Roulette, European Roulette is quite different from American Roulette where the numbers are same except ‘00’, this takes European Roulette one step ahead from American Roulette. According to the rule En Prison you have the option either to submit half of the bet or leave for the subsequent game.

American Roulette – American Roulette is a game that incorporates lots of chance. American Roulette wheel has numbers 0, 00 and one to thirty-six; also in this form of Roulette players get different colored chips.

Rules of Roulette

The rules are identical for every Roulette table except American Roulette table, where you have to make a bet on an extra number.

Split Bet – While playing online Roulette you can place a bet on two numbers by putting a chip on the line. This line divides the two numbers.

Street Bet – At an online roulette table, if you want to make a bet on three numbers which are in a row then put a chip on the boundary line. The highest bet is ‘Straight Up’ bet that is multiplied by three.

Corner Bet – You can make a bet on the four numbers, where these four numbers actually get together, by putting the chips at the corner. The highest bet is Straight Up bet maximum that is multiplied by four.

Line Bet – At one given time you can make a bet on two street bets by putting the chip on the boundary line at a place, where the line traverses the two rows. The highest bet for this wager is Straight Up bet that is multiplied by six.

Winning at Roulette

  • First, Always decide on what variation of Roulette you are interested in playing. European Roulette the game only has one zero and in the American Roulette the game has two zeros. For American Roulette the two zeros act as a greater house advantage.
  • Secondly, the bets are really important as they offer higher odds. Single numbered bets offer you the highest odds. The game of roulette is a game of chance, so column and dozen with the addition of black or red bet always acts as the best strategy.
  • The strategies for Roulette are not so complicated and it is one of the exciting games to play. You need to have the basic knowledge of the roulette wheel and different strategies that should be applied to win.
  • Summary -

    The game of online Roulette is very exciting and interesting to play. You just need to have complete knowledge of the rules and about the payouts, before you begin with your Roulette journey.

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