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Betdigital is a NYX Gaming Group subsidiary which is based in United Kingdom, one of several gaming studios which are launching slot machines under their own name. They started out as an independent company though, back in 2011, and over the years they have both worked for others, released several interesting software systems and technologies, as well as more than 20 slot machines. An interesting move of theirs was to release their content on multiple platforms, so in addition to online slots, they also offer them as land-based machines, on smart TVs and for smartphones.

The two most interesting systems from Betdigital, which they pride themselves with, and which allows them to integrate games on multiple platforms with ease, are called Grid and System X. The former is the game engine, while the latter is the system which they use for integration of slots on various platforms.

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The company is relatively new, with less than a decade since it was founded, but there are a couple of big moments already in its history. First, they got founded in 2011, as a United Kingdom based company. They didn’t start from scratch though, and they mention that the team that started it all had already over 50 years worth of experience in developing slot machines and in sales. The idea to create cross-platform games was there from the start, and so it wasn’t long until they released the two systems that I mentioned above, called Grid and System X.

With the focus being on those systems, they didn’t design that many slot machines, with only 20+ announced so far. On the other hand, these games are made available on multiple platforms, besides the standard online and mobile ones.

The latest news to come from the company is that NYX Gaming Group acquired them. The gambling conglomerate has multiple companies which are active both online and offline, and they seem to allow Betdigital to continue working and growing, same as before.

Casino Games

The games which are available from Betdigital seem to be all slot machines, and there are over 20 of them released already. They’re available on multiple platforms, and they provide you with a good mix of themes, starting from the regular ones which deliver fruits, to others which are inspired by Medieval Europe, by magic tricks, money, jewelry, the Chinese countryside and even football. Considering that they have such a small number of slots, they do alright actually. One of the most unusual that I’ve seen, theme wise, would be Super Pots Bar-X, even though it’s quite simple visually.

My general opinion of their games is that they can be decent slots to play, but I wouldn’t put them at the top quality wise. They feel mostly average to me, and there is no aspect to make them stand out, if you look at stories, graphics, features or payouts.


Don’t go in expecting modern graphics and to want to play them for their look alone, and you will not be disappointed in the slots from Betdigital. Obviously, I’d recommend the slots with unique or rare themes first, so you don’t stare at the same fruits that you get in so many other games. This will give you something interesting to watch at the very least, even if these aren’t the best looking slots around.


Things tend to get a little bit better once you get to the features involved. If you discount the simpler titles, the ones with 3 reels or with fruit themes, the more interesting slots will deliver multiple features. One could offer free spins, a bonus wheel and bonus symbols, while another might have wilds and multipliers. There is some variety there, so you could spend some time trying out those slots before you get bored.


Wins of 1,000x to 2,000x the stake, or even more, are relatively common. Perhaps looking at the RTP is going to be a better indicator of how their slot machines fare. I’d go for the slots which are known for their better returns, such as Big Spinner, Magnificent 8 or Ambassador, these being even as high as 97%. There will be enough games of theirs with an RTP that’s much lower, so don’t go in blindly, check first.