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There is a lot of overpromising and under delivering in every sector of the economy. It is, therefore, a big deal when you find a venture that delivers what they promise or even exceeds the expectations. Cozy games are one of the software developers with this trait. They flaunt in their capability to craft games that help sites make money by giving them the best in the market. Fortunately, on their website, they have a series of great customer reviews from known organizations confirming that their ability is in their DNA as they say. Other upcoming organization can, therefore, sign up with them confidently.

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Cozy Games has been on the market since 2005. This has given them a chance to study the character and patterns of the players. The experience leverages them over the software developers who joined the market a few years ago. The experience has helped them develop marketable games that have benefited both the casinos they work with as well as their players.

Cozy Games takes over the responsibility of the technological development part of their clients and let them concentrate on the best ways to generate revenue, and how to increase traffic on their sites. Their objective is to be a game changer in all the companies that they are involved with and also become the pacesetters of the industry. This means operational excellence to see that they cultivate long-term relationships.

With their enthusiasm and their goal to become the pacesetters of the industry, they have been working hard to see that their games match their words.

Cozy Games have over 100 games that the players can enjoy, half of which can be accessed through tablets and smartphones. You, therefore, do not need to be with your PC to have a good time.

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Players require a wide variety of games to choose from when playing online. It is also crucial that every site caters to the needs of all gamblers by seeing that they have all the categories. Having all divisions attracts more players, which means more revenue for the company.

Cozy Games have over 100 games for their players. They have embraced diversity to help the casinos have good traffic. For flexibility of their players, they have invested in ensuring that most of their games can be accessed through tablets and phones.

Listing all the games provided by Cozy Games is impossible. However to sample a few, some of their games include Arabian Nights, Bargainista, Aztecs, Big Ben, Wizard's Castle, Wild Vegas, Tutti Frutti, Treasures of King Arthur, Snake Charmer, The Lost Treasure, Toony Jack, Easter Bunny, Lucky Devil, Hot Habanero, Honey Bees, Gas Money, Fish Toons, Old MacDonald's Farm, Plushie Pleasure, Rubies and Sapphires, Santa in Town, Shaman's Luck, Royal Treasures among others.

The mentioned games are barely a third of the Cozy Games. You are, therefore, guaranteed a good time despite what your interests are and good traffic that allows you to contest and win prizes.


The first thing that every person wants to know about the casino games is there graphics and visuals. There is no fun if a software developer neglects this aspect when crafting their games. Cozy Games is known for its ability to produce games with amazing graphics which has helped in making sales for the casinos because they are trendy. They employ the cartoon theme and blend them to fit their juicy story times, which give the player an ultimate experience.

The exciting thing is that the graphics are not limited to the players using a desktop or PC. Even players who are using tablets and mobile devices get to enjoy the great visuals when playing the games.

This is very critical because besides making money, the other thing that gamblers are looking for in the online sites is to have fun. The graphics and visuals of a software developer are among the things that help in rating their work and comparing their prowess. It is the innovation and creative nature with the sounds, pictures, and lights that determine the fun of their players and hence their traffic, which translates to sales.


The number one reason for gambling is to make money. The RTP of the games is what gives you an idea of what to expect when you chose certain games. The Cozy Games have a fair RTP. It ranges from 92.4% to 97.5%.

On the upper part is Brittonaire with 97.5%, followed by Hot Habanero with an RTP of 96.2% and on the lower bottom is Lucky Devil with an RTP of 92.4%. Other games with an RTP of 95% include Easter Bunny, Fish Toons, Gas Money, Lucky Clover, just to mention a few. This means with Cozy Games you stand a good chance to make good money.