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Cryptologic is one of the best online software providers in the world. It specializes in availing quality software for online slots games. Suppose you use Cryptologic online software provider, you get assured of viable casino gaming. Cryptologic has a record of twenty years of operation, hence gaining indisputable experience in online casino market and development of software.

Despite the stiff competition from major software providers in the industry, it makes up for outstanding online games. The diverse game measures CryptoLogic avails competes highly with other online casino software as well as slots companies. It includes the most amazing online slot games like the Marvel Comic slots and DC Comics games that have popularity when it comes to online casino fraternity.

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Two brothers, Andrew Rivkin and Mark Rivkin founded CryptoLogic in 1995 in their parents’ house. They aimed at forming an actual life application which is safe for an online transaction system that they had initially developed. The company manages the licensing of playing software, support services as well as payment processing through a supplementary company by the name Wager Logic.

The company went on to acquire and launch the first licensee called InterCasino in 1996. That followed other online casino deals and online poker rooms including William Hill plc, a piloting bookmaker stated in the UK that is the first online casino operator. The company then struck a deal with Little Woods Gaming allowing the certification of the gaming software in the Isle of Man in 2002 as well as the certification of Ritz Club by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission in 2004.

January 2004 saw the CryptoLogic Lmt. announce the agreement concerning the licensing with the Betfair for a wholesome online poker game. Between 2002 and 2007, Lewis Rose, the then Chief Executive Officer increased CryptoLogic market capitalization from $90 million to more than $400 million.

In 2007, CryptoLogic software facilitated the launching of casino and poker products on Playboygaming. On the same year, World Poker Tour Enterprises (WPTE) used ClyptoLogic network to facilitate casino and poker products.

Casino Games

The company offers leading casino games constantly since its formation in 1995. A huge number of keen online casino gamers find the most amazing features in this gaming platform. They find their efforts rewarding.

For more than 20 years, the company proves an outstanding record when it comes to providing quality software to their partners in the online casino industry. Their casino games range from gripping slots to luring casino games that must get you to bet for hours! In case you opt to play off the numerous CryptoLogic casinos that tarnish the web, their expert gamers invite you to choose one game from the list of the highly rated online casinos.

The company has hero-themed that are Marvel-based and contain DC characters in the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and much more. Among the most sought after are online slots titles like Gullivers Travels, Iron Man, Blade, Fantastic Four, Rickety Cricket, and Forest Gump. Also, there are many slots games that you don’t want to miss playing.

Other games that are worth your bet from CryptoLogic are Progressive Jackpot Slots. The best on this category is Cleo Queen of Egypt Slot that is an origin of the Egyptian themed slot game of progression.


Being the grandfather of the online casino gaming, CryptoLogic invests handsomely in the visuals. The graphics you will encounter here are the most beautifully polished on earth. The game sounds come with a wholesome effect geared towards supplementing your enjoyment. Eye-catching videos with horror themes also feature for the lovers of horror graphics. You get carried away by the thrillers like Vampire Bats, Witches, and Warlocks.

A dozen of around four video slots linked with progressive jackpot makes gaming even more catching. The games included in this category are:

  • Silent Screen
  • Sunday Classics
  • Outer Space Adventure
  • Fantasy Realm

Additionally, each game portrays unique graphics. That makes it easy for gamers to familiarise with their chosen games and develop a rhythmic bond. The graphics also facilitate guidance when playing. So, when playing, check out for your favorite graphics that comfortably serve you with a vivid lead.

The colorful pictures that have high craftsmanship make ClyptoLogic stand out from other online casino gaming providers.


The company’s payouts highly favor the players. Any player that needs to be a beneficiary of these payouts can do it at a very generous percentage of 98.00%! Suppose you see this slot, it is the most paying because of its high RPT.

The Just Vegas slot offers a Las Vegas theme and an entire configuration. It can play for relatively low stake while its RPT remains 96.50%. Naughty Crosses slot on the same note has a long-term RPT of precisely 96.00%. Similar to other CryptoLogic slots, it has its special theme and unique set of symbols. That makes it worth searching for it and attempt gaming.

Another slot that all gamers don’t miss out is Samba Night slot. It is a highly charged slot, but the payout percentage is equally high. Believe it or not, its RPT is as rewarding as 95.50%.