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GameArt is a leading software online casino game developer. They have more than 100 games, half of which can be played using the mobile devices. They also have more than ten slots that they are set to release to their players. They consider themselves among the best high digital gaming providers. Their games are world-class HTML5 slots, with intrinsic art.

GameArt games are available in multiple languages, which make them acceptable in many countries. GameArt benefits casinos that have a vast number of clients or you a single operator. The company ethics are based on simplicity, as well as efficiency, and they are proud to boost casinos with the world-class games.

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GameArt Software Company is a Japanese based firm that develops and publishes video games located in Tokyo. GameArt started off in 1985, as a software company, and later advanced to developing console and handling systems.

Yoichi Miyaji was the Chief Executive Officer of the company in 2007. During this time GameArt was a part of the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association of Japan (CESA). Gung-Ho Online Entertainment, as well as Square Enix, was their major partners during this era some of whom developed games together with GameArt.

GameArt has developed games of different genres e.g., the Square Enix launched in 1985 which at that moment could only be played using a PC. GameArt has considered the Japanese audience and developed Mahjong-related games as well as traditional games for them. The company is also popular for developing strategy game such as Gungriffon game, as well as role-playing games like Grandia, and Lunar.

GameArt has a well-trained staff, in fact, some of them significantly contributed to the development of the Super Smash Bros Brawl game published by Nintendo.

Later in 2009, the company launched a PlayStation of the Grandia game in Japan. This was to celebrate the introduction of Grandia online, meaning they still support the game.

Casino Games

The GameArt is one of the best e-gaming developers in the online casino games. They have remarkable video slots machines coded using Flash and HTML5. GameArt also considers their clients who are hosting the game as well by ensuring the behind the scenes are safe and legal. This includes license handling, integration, and marketing. They also help the casinos to manage their gaming operations as a different financial package.

GameArt has launched more than 100 games up-to-date. Some of them have the HTML version and the Flash version. 50% of their games can be played on mobile devices. The games include Queen Of The Seas, Castle Blood, Tiger Heart, Thunderbird, Three Kings, Lucky Babies, Golden Dragon, Caligula, 88 Riches, Money Farm, Crystal Mystery Jade Treasure, Star Cash, Storming Flame, Dragon Lady, More Cash, Burning Flame and many others.

GameArt has embraced the economic change and the introduction of the cryptocurrency. They have, therefore, passed the hardest test of all time by making their games compatible with leading cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Many players have shown interest in the games, leading to their popularity.


The graphics of the GameArt have had a huge impact on the popularity of their games. They have invested in seeing that their players who use mobile device platforms can enjoy their games as well. Their stories are well crafted to engage with their players. The stories relate to the culture of the people which makes them more applicable to the market. GameArt game also has strategy games that involve the thinking of the players to find a solution.

GameArt games are also easy to navigate they believe that it is through simplicity that the efficiency is accomplished. They also work to see that the games that were in the Flash version are availed through the HTML5 version.

GameArt is steadily growing and has a very promising future. With the teamwork and the experience of their staff, they are working towards a more developed company. Although their games are not yet very known internationally, with the level of the change, they will be in all casinos.


GameArt Company gives both the players and the casino the chance to earn money. To begin with, their winnings are random, and therefore unbiased. Fortunately, in addition to the great graphics and features of the company, they still have a somewhat fair RTP.

The RTP of GameArt is between 94%-96%. Games with an RTP of 96% include 88 Riches, African Sunset, Ancient Gong, Caligula, Burning Flame, Atlantis World, Cleopatra Jewels among others. Following with an RTP of 95% is Castle Blood and Chinese Zodiac. On the lower end of 94% there is Explosive Reels, DaVinci Codex, Crystal Mystery to mention a few.

There is, therefore, no need to hesitate from playing GameArt games as they present the whole package of fun and fair returns. Besides, they are jackpots and bonuses that boost your income.