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GameScale is a software provider of advanced casino games that lighten up the faces of all gamblers. The company was founded by professionals who were ready to unleash the best side of the casino industry in 2010. The company has had a fair share of issues in the industry such as struggling to breakthrough to become one of the leading giants in the industry. However, in mind, they had fans of the casino games, the people who are only into wagering who wanted to bet, have some fun and win some money in the process, and regular gamers. To make this possible, they have designed their software in a way that players don’t need to download anything to access their games. Today, GameScale is among the upcoming software game providers.

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GameScale was launched in 2010, and it is a Maltese company C-52473. It also has a license from the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, LGA/CL4/684/2010. The company is a proprietary standalone platform from the Conan Gaming Group. They bought and upgraded 11 games from Viaden. They have launched multiple games since that time. Despite looking young, this company was brought to life by veterans of the online gambling industry like Playtech, as well as Microgaming. The aim was to present an innovative concept that will make it easy to configure games as well as deliver a platform that will help casinos from the marketing perspective. Through the course of their carrier, they managed to partner with leading brands such as LivePerson thus, guaranteeing high-quality delivery of online gambling software. Their game catalog has been praised for being the best when it comes to simplicity and looks. This has helped them to excel in the industry and become a force to be reckoned.

Besides the game development, they are involved in designing the infrastructure of the casino, which includes IT support, banking arrangements, data analysis and customer care facilities.

Casino Games

GameScale games have very great themes, and storylines. This is probably the strength of the GameScale software developers. In the video slots games, there is the Pin-up Girls Slot the women in the reels of the game are classy ladies who entertain the memories of the soldiers in the middle of the last century when they were away at home. Their features like lipstick and lips are symbols of the games. During free spins, the prizes of the games are multiplied by 3x. In the same category, there are other games such as Monster Bash Slot, Lucky Hero Slot, and Safari Spin Slot.

There are other games categories like Reel Slots with games like Pharaoh Fortune Slot, Lucky Fruits Slot, Crazy Pizza Slot, etc. Then there more main categories like the Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Video Poker, Keno, Fixed Odds, and Poker.

It is, therefore, impossible to exhaust the games of the GameScale software. Their games can be played on multiple browsers using a desktop. Others can also be played using a smartphone. The multiple choices of games in the GameScale give the players an opportunity to have different experiences. One of the great features about their games is that the company offers instant game mode as well as the download mode versions which allow gamers to choose whether they want to play the game without downloading it or not.


The GameScale are very fortunate to have a number of professionals in their team. Their graphics and visuals are up to scale. Regardless of the game, you are playing you are guaranteed to have a thrilling experience. They consider both modern players and the old school players. To balance the fun of the two teams they use both the ancient and contemporary designs in some of their games. For instance, their slots games have 3 line slot as well as the present day 5 reels and 5 line slot like Horse Racing slot and Disco slot. The table games are also popular, and graphics are kept simple. The GameScale prefer to stick to simplicity and let their players have fun instead of using the complicated 3D graphics to develop their games. Their site is also easy to navigate so no pressure for their players.

Having done an excellent job in the graphics department the GameScale software company has gained massive traffic in their games. Despite being relatively new to the industry compared to its competitors, the high standards and quality products have helped in the marketing of their products.


There is no clear information on the Return to Player (RTP). There is very little evidence on the mathematical information on what the gamblers get from the software developer games. However, based on the bonuses they offer to their players, the returns are promising. The RTP of the GameScale Company can be estimated to be between 94% and 96%. The fact that their games are still being played by multiple gamblers proves that they are still profitable. The reason that the RTP may be missing is because the GameScale software company is more inclined to their casino hosts clients compared to the immediate market.