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iSoftBet is a world gaming software developer that is known for its expertise in the field and delivery. The company has its headquarters in London. The e-gaming operators know they can trust the company to design and provide games that can help them maximize potential revenues.

On the other hand, the gamers are assured of quantity and quality from the organization. The firm has multiple categories of games on their list to see that the needs of all their clients are met. Their games are legally approved by Alderney, Belgium, Spain, and Italy.

Top Rated iSoftBet Casinos List

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Latest iSoftBet Slot Machines List

Digging to the beginning of the iSoftBet has proved very challenging. However, the company emerged in 2010. When the firm was launched, they used the name ISB Technologies, which they later switched to iSoftBet.

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission license lists the company as IBS. There is a Pakistan company that uses the same name, but there is no confirmation of whether the two firms are linked.

iSoftBet Company is also linked to Fast-CPU. When you click on the link of Fast-CPU, they redirect you to iSoftBet’s website. The history of Fast-CPU goes way back in 1997. According to the updates, they brought over 200 titles to iSoftBet. Fast-CPU was once Fast-CPU Entertainment in their website, but the name was dissolved in 2009.

iSoftBet has continued to sign agreements that leverage their company in the gaming industry. Their latest deal was with Fazi Interactive. With the new partnership, the players of iSoftBet will have access to 50 more new slots.

The CEO of Fazi Interactive says they are excited and are looking forward to their time with iSoftBet. The two firms share common goals meaning the partnership will be valuable to them and their clients as well.

Casino Games

iSoftBet has a broad list on their portfolio for their players. Their games come with great bonuses and features that allow the gamers to make life-changing money. Their themes are based on fantasies, popular television shows, great historical books, and other interesting inspirations.

It is impossible to list all the games and the features, symbols, free spins, scatters and free bonuses that could trigger big wins, but we can sample to give you a rough idea.

For example, there is the Alice Adventure Slots. The game is themed on an award-winning novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, and was published in 1865. Despite Alice being in Wonderland for the first time, she is not scared but just curious and eager to know everything there is to learn. Her curiosity about the White Rabbit gets the best of her, and she disappears. The game is a classic and comes with the following:

  • Fifteen free spins + 1x multiplier
  • Eight free spins + 3x multiplier
  • Five free spins + 6x multiplier

Other games with great storylines and great offers include Ambiance, Beetle Jewels, Beverly Hills 90210, Joker Stacks, Cash Camel, Basic Instinct, 3 Charms Crush, 24 among others.


The emphasis on the graphics and visuals of games is sometimes overrated, and it may deny some gamers a chance to have fun. iSoftBet understands that not all their players are into flashy and graphics in fast motion, some of them just want a cool theme that gives them a chance to relax and calm down their needs. This is why they have games like Ambiance with very calm background music, and everything about it appears lazily.

This does not mean that they do not consider the gamers who want to get all hyper and vibrant. If you are a visual person who enjoys a mix of bright, crystal moving colours, then the 3 Charms Crush Slots is for you. The game has a beautiful background, and the characters are cartoonish and have outrageous sounds as well as dynamic, vibrant music.

You get to experience the fun of playing the games whether you are playing the game using a desktop, PC or mobile devices because their games are developed using HTLM5.

iSoftBet applies all kind of graphics and visuals to see that all their gamers are satisfied. You can, therefore, confidently sign up for their games regardless of what your interests are.


Most game developers who are popular and have interesting games happen to have very low Return to Player rates. It may excite you know that you get great paylines, free bonuses, and amazing RTP rates when you choose the iSoftBet games.

Let us take a look at some of their games and what their RTPs are. 3 Charms Crush Slots has an RTP of 97.23%, 24 has 96.07%, Alice Adventure has 95.17%, Astro Magic has 96.54%. In general, the average Return to Player of iSoftBet games is 95.43% meaning no matter what game you choose from their portfolio as you stand great chances of winning.