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NeoGames is the world leading software and service provider for the online casino as well as the internet lottery. It provides a broad gaming portfolio with a far-reaching set of interactive online games with a wide market in various gaming genres. The wide range of highly developed games at NeoGames portfolio offers over 200 self-made games to numerous topping third-party titles. Every gamer has access to the entertaining experience brought by NeoGames.

The most responsible staff employed here makes sure that the portfolio is constantly extended to avail new games to players. Their many years of experience international technologies and IT knowledge enable them to also, manage VIP clubs as well as other exciting activities like tournaments.

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NeoGames existence came alive as early the inception of the first personal computer in early 1980s. Through trial and error, the development of finish games gained momentum and a significant advancement since then. The experience gained through these experiments brought about the realities of the game fraternity.

In the year 2000, the investment stopped due to high risks and cost. Consequently, the company was highly affected. The company switched its attention to the project-based occupation. It began striking deals with the mobile operators who collected game portfolios. During this period, the growth of Java-based games grew significantly. That enabled the company to stand firm in preparing for distributing the games digitally to the market.

Between 2011 and 2013 the finish game financial stability attracted international investors. That came a good chance for NeoGames they extended the market internationally.

In 2014, finish games became more popular than before. That enhanced the distribution of the NeoGames. As the technology advancement climbed up the ladder, the member based company took the advantage and improved its gaming platform. It accelerated the support of finish games. That allowed the NeoGames members to be the representatives of every sector of the game industry. The company’s hope has been focusing on benefiting every shareholder.

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Apart from providing a wide range of scratch games, NeoGames casino also offers many other options of entertainment. It is accepted both in the mainstream and the mobile markets because of its fairness in handling gamers.

NeoGames casinos stand out from the crowd because of their prominence in scratch games. Gamers access a number scratch games ranging from actual scratch tickets to graphical games of scratch elements. Every scratch game comes with incentives like high variance and instant payouts.

Any player seeking to try something new other than scratch games can choose from another game from the list of NeoGames casinos. The included games on the list are roulette, and blackjack that provides an amazing quality of animation.

NeoGames casinos easily offer mobile casino because they run without using a lot of processing power. The games that web-based casinos offer are the same as the ones availed to mobile casinos. Playing NeoGames casinos on mobile phones is easy to access and play due to the NeoGames software. Furthermore, gamers can run them even if they lack smartphones.

The good news about playing NeoGames casinos is that the games load very first. Not every game at NeoGames requires the gamers to download files before gaming. That is because they have an instant play Adobe Flash Interface.


Drawing their inspiration to create games from different sources, the folks at NeoGames are brilliant when it comes to designing games. Their games feature themes from popular sports events, TV shows, and classic scratch card games. The company also runs regular tests on the games to ensure everything is working perfectly, ranging from the visuals to the random numbers generator. NeoGames also dedicate themselves to offer an excellent gaming environment that promotes fair play for gamers all over the world.

With a nice selection of scratch card games with impressive visuals, NeoGames broke the world record for selling over a billion tickets. That has given millions of satisfied customers around the globe. Furthermore, the company continues scaling the heights of greatness by constantly designing brilliant games with sharp and artistic graphics.

The audio features of the games are great, and they have helped the company to expand their B2B marketing operations. Even better, the company has an unrivaled customer support mechanism that ensures no fault left unattended. Their intensive focus on quality has made them a powerhouse for providing iLottery games to online casinos.


With great attention to detail, NeoGames give their players an amazing real casino gaming experience in the comfort of their devices. The company partners with multiple third-party developers and casinos to offer their amazing collection of games integrated into the NeoSphere Platform. The best part is that payouts offer a pretty good deal, and the players have a chance to win a decent amount.

The best NeoGames payouts include Reel Bandits, with a 96%, Legend of Terra (94%), Sea And Sun (93.51%) and lots of games (93.5%). Other games also have nice payout rates, ranging at about 93% on average. However, the rate may differ a little from one game to the other.