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WGS Company has been in the market for a very long time. They are currently powering several american online casinos. They embrace simplicity in their game development to entertain their players without comprising their excitement. Although their name is not in the limelight as such, they have created their name and grabbed their space in the industry. Over the years the company has improved their technology to match their competitors.

Their new headquarters as from 2017 is at Frederick, Maryland and has about 80 employees. The company is moving in the right direction thanks to the leadership of the CEO and President of the firm, Bob Wise.

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WGS Technology has a long history. They have gone through a lot of transformations before finally establishing their name and gaining stability in the industry.

The company was first heard of 15 years ago. They started off as OddsOn Gaming in 1996, with this title they specialized with the development of payment developments. They later expanded and got into online software development. They began with payment security which they used as a base to advance their portfolio. Later in 2005, the company changed to Vegas Technology Casino Software. However, by 2011 the company’s was not doing as great as the executives expected it could. The firm was still establishing itself and looking for its space in the industry.

Luckily after a long silence, the company came back as WGS Technology. So far, the company has been able to gain stability in the online casino gaming industry. Third parties audit their games for authenticity. In 2017, the company celebrated their first decade in business by opening a new headquarter office that could accommodate a large number of employees meaning more development. If WGS continues with the spirit they have, they are bound for greatness.

Casino Games

Whether you are into comics, heroes, animals, you will fit into the WGS Games. That is not all as the WGS Games will take you to trips around the world to places you have never been before. Finally, you get to be an explorer, a king, a warrior, among other cool characters in the WGS Games. The experiences are worth your time, and you may even pocket large sums from their jackpots.

For example, their Dynasty Slot game is based on the Japanese dynasty and comes with great features and bonuses. The game has similar characteristics with Eastern Dragon Slot. The game has 5 non-progressive reels and 25 paylines. The feature of the sets includes a multiplier, free spins, a wild symbol, and a scatter symbol. To add the cherry on the cake, there is also autoplay.

For those who are trying the game for the first time and are not ready to risk, they can practice in the fun mode section, and the gurus can use the money option. The game has gained massive popularity due to its potential for a big win as you can place a bet within the range of $0.01to $10. The current jackpot win is worth $50,000.


It is impossible to deny the impact of graphics and visuals in the gamer’s choice of the online casino games. WGS has worked hard on their graphics, soundtracks, and visuals to see that their players experience every aspect of the game. Their pictures, background, and lighting are designed to match the mood and the theme of the storylines of the games.

They have games like Northern Slots with a relaxed and calm atmosphere for players who want a less exaggerated game with no flashy graphics to relax their mind. The background music is smooth, and the soundtracks are amazing. For those who want to get rid of boredom, stress, and anger the Beach Party slot game is for them. The game has exciting, loud music that will make you dance. The whole setup of a beach makes you want to party. The lighting in the game is simultaneous, the colours of the images are bright and have a positive hype effect on the gamer.

In a nutshell, every game has graphics and features that help the gamers experience what they had in mind and most of the times, exceed the expectations of the player.


WGS Games is popular because of its jackpots that can boost the chances of the gamers to become instant millionaires. The casinos that offer their games welcome the players with bonuses that may result in big wins. They also have great paylines and reasonable RTP rates. Most of the RTP rates of their games are above 90%. Here is a compilation of the RTP of some of their online slots to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • Beach Party- 96.04%
  • Gold Rush-96.50%
  • Northern Lights-94.97%
  • Funky Chicken-95.34%
  • Double Gold-94.00%

You can, therefore, be confident when trying out WGS Games.