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WMS Gaming is a popular manufacturer and supplier of video lottery and slot machines. Based in Chicago, this company is widely known for its contribution to the land-based casino market, and it continues to expand its operation in the online market. Today, the company supplies a range of mobile and desktop casino games to various online casinos.

The company employs highly qualified staff in a bid to make the best software. Currently, the company is among the world’s leading gaming provider. All gamers find this platform reliable due to its convenience in availing games first. The experts take great care in the development of slots.

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WMS gaming platform is one of the subsidiaries of WMS industries. The company’s roots go way back in 1943. This same period is when Williams Manufacturing Company got its foundation. From that tin and throughout the 20th century, the company produced and distributed popularly known video arcade games and pinball machine. In 1996, WMS transferred its video games to one of the subsidiaries, Midway Games. Since then, the company distributed its games with ease. That resulted in the company sales.

Due to low profits of the arcade industry that rose in the 90s, WMS sold off the pinball line during the year 2000. Back in 1991, the company created Williams Gaming to appear in the gaming and penetrate video lottery markets. In the following year, WMS developed and distributed its video lottery terminals for the first time to the Oregon market. In 1994, the company engaged in reel-spinning machine business. But the company realized that it's calling in the gaming industry had its roots in the video gaming sector. So, in 1996, WMS invested in developing video games. On the same year, the company introduced one of its hit casino slot machine called Reel ‘em. That step followed other successful games developments, and the company got its roots well-developed in the online casino industry.

Casino Games

The company offers some casinos to the players. Most of the casinos at WMS are easy to play, and that fact makes these casinos the favorite among gamers. Most of the casinos here translate to the first trending nature of the casino industry. In a lay man’s language, they observe changing times.

Also, the company develops G+ series of video slots, and they are available on the company’s site. In WMS, gamers find a world of classic games. The best games feature this gaming platform. Examples are mechanical reels, poker games, and video lottery. The company started providing online games in 2010 to persons who pass the test of the legal age. That is the age of 18 years and above. It distributed these games to the player around the UK and US. In 2012, the company struck a deal with Large Animal Games to incorporate some WMS slot machines games into Facebook accessible games title “Lucky Cruise.” Due to low revenues in contracting the casino market in 2012, WMS decided to introduce mobile games for players to access and play them via mobile phones. On the same note; the company put more efforts into expanding the online games offering.


The company invests much developing high-quality graphics that players can familiarize with first. Also, WMS focuses on the careful choice of the themes per game. Every game at this gaming platform comes with its specific graphics. That help the players to get to know their games well. Players access the games very easily due to the fast loading and downloading of the visuals and audios.

Every player at WMS access and play the games in a download version. The graphics load and download very fast. That makes the company’s gaming interesting and fun to play. The games also are accessible to the PC and Mac edition gamers. All the players rest assured that all graphics feature their choice of games.

The company comes up with ways that are more creative every day to develop the best graphics that go in the same language with the games. The video lottery terminals portray a very creative art that gamers attribute to more fun during playing. Due to this high-quality graphics, the company increases its sales in the gambling market. Any gamer is looking for the best games with high-quality graphics checks out WMS gaming platform!


The company offers players generous payouts to make their winnings more appealing. Some of the games here reward very high RTP percentages. New players get a 100 percent deposit bonus, and it comes with a few dollars discount. Also, some of the WMS games come with a special bonus. A good example here is the Euro Moon casino that yields 15 free spins.

Suppose a player is looking for fair and pocket-friendly bonuses, WMS is the way to go. The games here leave you with full pockets due to the generous bonuses offered.