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From corner to corner the ratings for WSOP has increased

The broadcast of the coverage of six weeks of WSOP have been telecasted on ESPN and with the fall in the ratings witnessed by the cable operators, they are still interested in the coverage of Main Event. The channel has been projecting profits for all the types and demographics, especially in the age group of 18-49 male viewers.

The two episodes which were of two hour long were telecasted on Tuesday and they projected decent viewer ship. These two episodes got .91 and 1.02 ratings for both episodes. Regardless of the dull beginning of the 2009 season, the coverage is set to be good in every main category. George McNeilly who is the media representative of ESPN narrated all the key areas where WSOP is gaining pace. He also added that there is considerable progress in every category over 2008. The male viewers from the age group of 18-49 and 25-54 are the main contributors in the high ratings for WSOP.

The male viewers of the age group 18-49 have increased by thirteen percent and for the age group 18-34 and 25-54 has increased by eight percent and seventeen percent. Normally for every single episode of 2009 coverage 777,037 families tuned in as compared to the last year’s 697,786. The family ratings have increased from the year 2008 to 2009 from .78 from .71. The current episodes of WSOP have feature table listings of players’ like- Jason Alexander and Greg Raymer. Some more people are anticipated to join in the next few weeks. These include- Dennis Phillips, Joe Hachem, Phil Ivey, Joe Sebok from Pokerroad, and Peter Eastgate. WSOP two hour coverage which is to be telecasted on Tuesday will be focusing on this year’s Main Event’s Day 2B.

The two new episodes of World Series of Poker 2009 will continue its telecast on Tuesday till November, when the nine players will meet again in the Main Event to crown the new champion.

The coverage for WSOP Main Event 2009 begins

In Australia, the television shows like The Poker Star and Australian Poker Hero are about to start free-to-air television in the next few weeks. The poker lovers in Australia are thrilled with the coverage of ESPN’s World Series of Poker Main Event 2009. The poker fans can tune in ESPN to catch the action on every Sunday night at 9 pm AEST to watch the main poker tournament across the world. There will be different Australian players who will be competing along with the best players like Tian Shou, Daniel Neilson, World Champion 2005 Joe Hachem, Charlie Elias, and Emma Grace.

Along with the Australian group this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event witnessed some of the best poker players competing for the big prize. On Day 3 Bertrand Grospellier’s rush was the best part along with the unforgettable runs of Main Event 2009 final table player Dennis Phillips and Peter Eastgate who is the defending champion.

As and when the time passes, there will be some serious coverage for ESOP Main Event as we see Darwin Moon making his way towards fame. But there is one player about whom everybody is talking i.e. Phil Ivey and he is believed to be the most deserving player to win the big prize.

Phil Ivey is a seven time bracelet winner and he had also won two bracelets in World Series of Poker 2009. So, for him making a huge run in World Series of Poker Main Event is considered as a big thing in the poker community. With the episodes open up on ESPN, Ivey will be making progress leading his way to November Nine.

As the players return back to Rio Hotel and Casino, ESPN will be continuing its coverage from now till the month of November to crown the World Champion of Poker. On every Sunday, the viewers can witness the events unfolding to the November Nine on ESPN. Just in case the viewers miss out any episode, ESPN will be telecasting replays on every Tuesday night at 11:30 pm.

November Nine of WSOP 2009

There are still two months before the final table of the main episodes of World Series of Poker 2009. Various advertisers, poker rooms, players will be giving their best for this event. In the meantime the poker fans and the experts are evaluating and making predictions as who will be the champ. The name of Ladbrokes is included in one of the main online gambling operators and they are of the view that Darwin Moon has 11 to 4 chances. His stack size is twice the stack of Eric Bukmana.

Phil Ivey is in the third position regardless of his fewer stacks. There are people who believe that Phil Ivey and Steven Begleytera are having equal chances though Steven stacks are three times superior. There are people who are also voting for James Eykenheda. There is a fan following for the French player Antoine Gay who detained the position of chip leader for three continuous days at Partouche Poker Tour which was held in Cannes.

The players are having following odds and stacks prior to the final episode of Chief WSOP. Darwin Moon had the odds of 11 to 4 with stacks 58,983,000, Eric Bukman had odds of 4 to 1 with stacks 34,800,000, Phil Ivey had odds of 5 to 1 with stacks 9,765,000, Stephen Begleyter had odds of 11 to 2 with stacks 29,885,000, Jeff Shulman had odds of 7 to 1 with stacks 19,580,000, Joseph Kada had odds of 12 to 1 with stacks13,215,000, Kevin Bushel had odds of 12 to 1 with stacks 12,390,000, Jams Eykenhed had odds of 16 to 1 with stacks of 6,80,000, and Antoine Saw had of 18 to 1 with stacks of 9,50,000.

The coordinators of Partouche Poker Tour have taken the decision to reschedule final table of BRT on November 21st. Therefore in the month of November Antoine Sau will be participating in two international poker events.

The ratings are little up for WSOP but the issue of Phil Ivey remains

The ratings for WSOP 2009 have gone up slightly and they have gained the rating of .75 through the ten episodes. As per the figures obtained by ESPN, WSOP 2009 have gained three percent from the past year ratings. The World Series of Poker final table will be the real test which is to be telecasted in the month of November. The event should be a smash hit as Phily Ivey will also be joining. Up to now he is quite realistic and hasn’t done any promotion.

Michele Clayborne who manages Team Full Tilt was not away and he was not accessible for any statement. Tom Somach from one of the gambling websites spoke regarding this issue. Tom writes that the organizers who are responsible for the running of WSOP are in search of Phil. After the break of four months, the nine players will be resuming their game play in the month of November.

Phil who is a jovial and laid-back player and everybody wants to interview this eloquent expert and he will be a real booster for the event. He is very much in demand and everybody at Larry King, Letterman, The Today Show, and The Tonight Show want to have him on their respective television shows. Maybe this is the most publicized ever.

But in reality it has not yet taken place and Phil is keeping himself away from all the media exposure. The last news which came about Phil’s absence was through a report which was provided by Tom at one of the gambling website and this news cam a week ago.

World Series of Poker enjoying limelight

Harrah Interactive Entertainment has finalized a seven year deal to make sure that World Series of Poker is telecasted on ESPN until the year 2018. Players and the poker lovers from different parts of the world will appreciate watching their beloved stars participating in this. There is no doubt that poker is one of the esteemed games and WSOP is a major international event.

Huge fan following-

Alone in America there are more than eighty million poker fans who enjoy WSOP on yearly basis. Now seeing the rise in the numbers, ESPN is making sure that the game which incorporates both proficiency and planning should reach to a larger audience across the world.

Adding more coverage-

The poker fans could watch 32 hours of World Series of Poker action on the yearly basis from the sin city- Las Vegas. This comprises of both November Nine final table and Gold Bracelet. Both the viewers from across the world and the viewers of America will be benefited from this comprehensive coverage.

Lucrative game-

The bets at the tables have been recorded at all time high. Since its genesis World Series of Poker has been awarded prize money worth more than one billion till date.

$10,000 No-Limit Texas Hold’em which has been included in the tournament is quite famous across the world. This year the players will be making a comeback at Las Vegas’ Rio Hotel on November 7th. The players will be competing for the prize money of more than $61 million. The World Series of Poker 2009 has already got so much fame and its fame has been increasing day by day, the players are also so keen to participate in it.

Scotty Nguyen makes a comeback in Europe

Scotty Nguyen, who is known as Prince of Poker after being involved with World Series of Poker, makes a comeback to the poker scene. He is in Europe to be a part of the European Poker Tour at Barcelona. He proclaimed that he had gone there to gain some money. Scotty is quite popular name amongst the poker community and has projected new challenges. Prior to the World Series of Poker he proclaimed that he would depart from the poker scene if he would not get success in winning $4 million at World Series of Poker 2009. But the outcome was really devastating.

The announcement made by Scotty makes one wonder that was it only for drawing attention from both media attention and from the sponsors. Lately, one of the most famous poker players who hails from Vietnam said that World Series of Poker did not happened to him. Since then he is trying to overcome this misadventure and he is all set to face his challengers.

Scotty only has one aim in mind for this European tour and i.e. to register a victory. It takes us back in the year 1998 when he won the main event of World Series of Poker, Scotty and he became world champion. Adding more to this he is the only player across the world who has won both $50,000 WSOP H.O.R.S.E. and WSOP Main Event. Because of his tournaments winnings list he is truly one of the greatest player of poker.

Major modifications scheduled for WSOP 2010

There have been reports that seeing the ending of World Series of Poker 2009 in the month of November, the preparations for WSOP 2010 has begun. There have been plans which will comprise of the major disappearances from the current year’s plans. Seth Palansky who is the Communication Director of World Series of Poker said that $40,000 buy-in event which was launched in the year 2009 in combination with 40th anniversary of WSOP, will not be there in the year 2010. He also added that in the subsequent year there will be no Champions Invitational.

For the 40th annual event there will also not $40k. He added that both the events most likely will reappear after ten years from now. Speaking more about the event Seth also informed about CardPlayer that they will probably make a comeback to the television in the year 2010 unless the players have the same opinion about altering the final table to no limit holdem. Seth said that provided that makes a return to no-limit hold’em, the event will survive. Bit the television elements might not.

Some of the other alterations are- There will be extra $1,000 buy-in tournaments, which is quite famous in the year 2009 as it was endorsed as Stimulus Special. Because World Series of Poker looks for having attendance and revenue mounting they anticipate to more spotting the program.

ESPN Day2 coverage features Jason Alexander and Greg Raymer

The WSOP Main Event 2009 first of two Day 2s were being focused ESPN on Tuesday night. Greg Raymer and Jason Alexander were the main players at the feature table. Norman Chad who is the announcer of ESPN discussed on Day 2A- According to him the Main Event was having some of the best players like Greg Raymer who faced George Costanza. Soon Gus Hansen was pushed out from $10,000 buy-in tournament when he called all-in with nut straight on the run.

On Table Two there were Roland de Wolfe and Chris Ferguson. Over the period of ten years, Chris has managed five bracelets win and five runner-up finishes at World Series of Poker. The same table was also joined by Brad Garrett and Todd Brunson. At 96 years old, Jack Ury is the oldest contender and after flopping a boat he doubled along with pockect sevens on 6-6-7 board. But soon he got eliminated. Ex-boxer Kili Madrid and Eli Elezra sat together where Kili had 8-0 record along with four knockouts. Jason informed ESPN the reason of his lead at the table- He always say to his opponents that if he loses from to you then he will not losing his self-respect.

On Day2A field poker couple Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly could be easily be spotted and there were father and son also, father Joe Sebok and father Barry Greenstein. Mike Matusow also moved to Greg Mueller which helped in creating an all star line-up. Deal Me In which is sponsored by Full Tilt Poker featured Mike Matusow explained at WSOP Tournament of Champions in 2006. He executed bet bluff on river in order to eliminate Daniel Negreanu to set down a pair. Soon after Lex Veldhuis called all-in on the draw intended for blinds and he was then eliminated.

The Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Wild Card Hand had raised action towards the flop of 2A-5, all clubs. Greg Raymer who had mystic cards, he bet out 2,500, Jason raised to six thousand along with A-9 and Greg made a call. Norman said that he really liked the Jason’s raise and he should be proficient enough to realize if he is having the best hand. Greg raised to 1,600 pre-flop and Jason along with pocket threes made the call. Dennis Baltz knocked the action to 4,500 with his pocket kings. Greg came up with the hand except pocket aces to 20,000 and this made both Greg and Dennis to fold.

Straight from the Pros which is sponsored by PokerStars featured relieving a hand of Greg at WSOP Main Event 2004. He deceived following the picking up a tell at his challenger. As for the second episode’s Wild Card Hand ‘Fossilman’ one more time picked up unidentified cards and raised to 1,600 pre-flop. Jason with the help of pocket nines made 3,500 and Greg executed the call on the way to see the flop of A-Q-6 along with two spades. Greg check-called a six thousand chip bet from Greg and for the turn it was five. Greg was led out for seven thousand and Jason called. For the top pair, Greg turned over A-K and he pushed his chip stack to 140,000.

In the end it was all about the last hole, if it is won by Norman then he would be the winner of the bet but unfortunately he missed a putt. Once De Wolfe was down at 3,600 chips and it doubled twice throughout Steve Gee to reach more than 30,000. In the last pot Jason raked at feature table.

Inside Deal greets Victor Ramdin has greeted Poker specialist Victor Ramdin at their show- Inside Deal. Her is a member of Team PokeStars Pro and loves to devote his time in the charity work. He discussed the hard efforts put by Scotty Nguyen in the last year’s World Series of Poker 2008 and making it to America though he citizen of Guyana. In the beginning of the show there was the recap of the news that Joe Cada member of (November Nine) signed with PokerStars and on the other hand Darvin Moon has not signed with anybody.

The host of the show Bernard Lee said that Darvin is not interested in signing with any site and up to now he has done what he has said. Then the topic changed to WPT’s second sale to the parent company of Party Poker- Party Gaming. Due to pulling out of first contract WPT had to pay Gamynia Limited (affiliated to iPoker Network) a penalty amount of one million dollars. When the review of the results of PokerStars Sunday Million, WPT Legends of Poker, and Asia Pacific Poker Tour’s Macau stop, Adam ‘Roothlus’ Levy from Team Ultimate Bet was greeted by Inside Deal.

Telling more about his online poker name, he said that it was his XBOX Live name. He really needs something which is different. During the times of WSOP Main Event 2008 Adam went back to his run-in along with Phil Hellmuth thinking that it was impressive. The whole thing was strange but I was not upset. He said that he knew what he was doing. In the studio Victor joined the show and made clear why in the year 1989 he actually came to America. He said that by coming to America his dream came true. Since then he has worked for the charity work and have traveled to Guyana with PokerStars for the funding of the heart surgeries.

Talking to the viewers of Victor he said that he really likes to participate for the charity work. He is much more energetic playing for charity than poker. Along with a successful poker career, he also has retail stores and manages real estate rentals. Soon the discussion shifted towards imaginary Hall of Shame. Victor said that Scotty deserves to be on the first place. There is no doubt that he is a good player but he should at least set some good examples. He added he didn’t liked what Scotty did. On the television it was shown Scotty attacking Michael DiMichele at the final table while he was drunk. It also comprised of the onslaught of the words which had to be edited.

Victor on his name- Computer Man said that he is not aware how he got the name. It was also disclosed that he has a bet on weight loss but he said that he wants his weight to be around 200 pounds. For the WSOP Main Event 20089 in the month of November he really wants to see Ivey win and then Eric Buchman.

Player from Britain – James Akenhead

James might have less chances of winning World Series of Poker 2009 Main Event but he is not a player to be underestimated. He has been publicized as one of the best players of the tournament and has the chance of winning the tournament. He really struggled hard and last year he reached closer to winning the golden bracelet. He was playing against the single opponent i.e. Grant Hinkle in $1,500 NLH event.

But it seemed that the luck was not with him and his A-K was no match against Grant’s 10-4. He finished off in the second position along with $520,219. Now, he has the chances of making changes if he is able to make an enhancement in his small stack of 6,800,000. He said that it feels like he is dreaming and he added that he told one of his friends that he will not be doing good in further events. But he managed to pull out something intended for the main.

Keeping everything apart he has the loudest group to extend their support and according to him it really helped him in making to the November Nine. He cherished all the people who supported him. He said that he feels pity for all those players who will be winning but there will nobody to cheer them. He again mentioned all the people who supported him and said that really it helped him.