All Jackpots Casino launched Grand Prix Promotion

Grand Prix is one of the various well-known international races and this month, All Jackpots online casino is creating this with the help of slots wagering. As per the promotion, drivers are being asked to start their engines and get ready. They can play any game in order to compete for the share of 5,400 credits as prizes on weekly basis. Besides this, every winner will receive a ticket for Grand Prix final where they can win additional 1700 credits.

The weekly contests will take place for one week at the online casino. The concluding weekly contest will take place for 6 days. The remaining two events will take place in the intervening weeks. The players will have to make a deposit and have to wager hundred credits or more for any slot game. This one of the major benefits while playing in Grand Prix promotion.

The players enjoy the flexibility of wagering on any game of their choice. The best 24 slot wagerers in the week will be sharing the prize pool of 5,400 credits. The players from first to five positions will be getting five hundred credits; players from sixth to fifteenth will get two hundred credits, and players from 16 to 25 positions will get hundred credits.

The final of Grand Prix promotion will take place on two days. All the 100 weekly winners will get a chance to compete for the share of 18, 00 credits as prizes. All the qualifying players are assured a prize and the players don’t have to make a deposit in order to participate. However, the players with the ticket have to play 300 credits or more for the slot games during the final. The best five players will each get to win thousand credits, the following ten players will get to win five hundred credits, and the next 24 players will get to win two credits. All the remaining players will be sharing the balance of 5,400 credits and after that the winner will be declared.

The guidelines for this promotion as follows – the player will lose their current position on the leader board if he/she decides to make a withdrawal during the weekly promotional period and by making a new deposit once again they must qualify. The bonus credits which are not played within a time period of 30 days of being provided, they will be considered as terminates and eventually will be eliminated.